Back to Business: Capricorn New Moon and Eclipse

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2019 is officially here! At the start of every calendar year the tired, “new year, new me” somehow finds it’s way into the drinking water. This time around that notion is not exclusive to Twitter poets and Instagram influencers with the sole intent of gaining clout. The energy is indeed shifting due to the current cosmic climate. We began the moon cycles of the year with none other than cardinal on Capricorn on January 5th. This jolt of earth energy has collectively snatched us all up and given us the encouragement to get back to business. So, it really is a new year, new you.

2018 came to close with a powerful emotional release by way of the Cancer full moon. This moon really ushered in a final push to drop the deadweight and decide what baggage we wanted to leave behind. While we had a little bit of residual energy from the Cancer lunation a few days into the new year, we all started this year moving towards being comfortable in our skin and in our surroundings. The maternal energy of the crab may have also brought up familial wounds that needed to be revisited and healed. In addition to the healing and nurturing characteristics of Cancer, the 11/2 Universal Year energy topped off the grand finale. Last year was all about healing, and beginning to grow into the best version of ourselves.

Image courtesy of NASA.

That Cancer moon was not an easy energy to work with, it was actually very heavy as the moon was at home in the sign of Cancer, making it even more powerful. This release was needed in order for us all to move forward in this New Year towards working on and building upon the foundations we laid in 2018. Starting the year with a Capricorn moon is an indicator that things will be looking up for the collective in regards to the foundational aspects of our lives. Capricorn is an earth sign that is associated with stability, foundation, and acquired success through diligence. This sign coupled with the energies of the new moon serves as a metaphoric reset button. We will be feeling a need to revisit our plans for success and growth in order to rework them into more practical and promising strategies. Capricorn is also a “no nonsense” sign. While we will all be forming new habits, we will have a very low tolerance for any…extras. If it can’t help us progress, we’d rather not deal with it. The start of 2019 is all about making sure the foundations we’ve laid are solid so that we may move forward.

This first lunation of the year also comes with an eclipse. Eclipses are tied very closely to change and transformation in our lives. For the past couple of years we have been working with the Leo-Aquarius axis, however, we are now having the first Capricorn eclipse of this new Cancer-Capricorn series. The Capricorn moon falls into alignment with the partial solar eclipse. On an energetic level, solar eclipses give us a glimpse into the energies that we will be working with over the six months to follow however, these eclipses will stretch into early 2020. This energy can be felt a lot more during the shadow period (one to two weeks in advance and prior to the eclipse). This partial solar eclipse served as an amplifier to the Capricorn lunation. This year will really be all about developing foundations that will bring us the success and comfortability we desire. This partial solar eclipse will specifically foreshadow the projects and energies we will all be cultivating in 2019.

Photo courtesy of Sara Elise Astrology

This Capricorn moon will be setting the tone for the year as our first lunation of 2019. This is an especially good time to write down new moon intentions. Intentions for this lunar cycle should pertain to starting new routines, career, finance, and foundations. This is also a good time to cleanse and charge all of your Divination tools like stones and cards. This fresh, new energy and the benefits of this lunation are multiplied with the partial Capricorn solar eclipse. 2019 will be the year of getting down to the nitty-gritty; it will also be the year where we start to reap the benefits of all that we have sown.

For more information on this new moon and the month to come, check out my latest video on YouTube.

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