Cancer Full Moon: Take a Dive Within

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The first full moon of the year (Jan. 17) finds itself at home in the sign of Cancer. But, what does that mean? Anytime the moon makes an opposition to the sun, we have a full moon. The entirety of the moon being illuminated by the sun is where the “full” part comes from. Speaking to energy, the full moon in every lunar cycle marks a period of clarity, release, cultivation, and often, heightened intuition and emotions. The moon is ruled by the sign of Cancer and associated with the fourth house (4H) in astrology, which makes this a great time to focus on the home, security, and family.

Cancer is a cardinal sign (starts the summer season) in the water element. Cancer characteristics include sensitivity, intuitiveness, psychism, nurturing, romance, wisdom, introversion, and possessiveness among many other things. The full moon falling in this sign will bring an energy of getting in tune with our emotions, heart’s desires, and sense of emotional, financial, and physical security. Cancer is also closely associated with the home. So, don’t be surprised if you’re feeling like staying in, getting cozy, and enjoying your solitude for the next couple of days, or weeks. Since the full moon is also a time that aligns with release, we may also find ourselves tidying up, getting rid of things we no longer need, and possibly even considering what path to embark on when considering relocating to a new space or area.

While spending time with yourself you may find yourself in a very reflective mood. This Cancer full moon prompts us to go on a journey of rediscovering ourselves, and what we truly want and need in our lives. We can also attribute this to an opposition the moon makes to Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto governs the areas of transformation and regeneration in our lives (looking at your natal Pluto placement can give you an idea of how you may experience these themes throughout your life). We also have Venus currently in retrograde in the same sign. Current Venus and Pluto energies paired with the Cancer full moon will also shine a light on our habits when it comes to our personal relationships, we’ll start to acknowledge these behaviors and how we can improve. We’ll also be able to gain some illumination into the way we need others to handle our hearts.

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The Cancer full moon is also in conjunction with fixed-star Procyon. This is one of the brightest stars in the sky — the eighth brightest to be precise. Procyon energy reflects it’s physical attributes, resonating with the energies of luck, abundance, and recognition. It is said to be similar in nature to Mercury (communication) and Mars (willpower) in nature. As this is a time of cultivation and preparation, anything you put effort into during this time will most likely begin to come into fruition around the end of the Cancer lunar year June/July). Since Procyon’s conjunction energy will be lent to these things during the cultivation period, we’ll see them manifest in the physical with the same attributes.

Intentions are a great way to manifest the things you want to see in your life. It is important to remember that the full moon marks the beginning of the end of a lunar cycle therefore, intentions shouldn’t be focused on bringing in anything new. Instead, write intentions with phrases like “I release,” “I no longer,” and “I have clarity on/in” related to the Cancer energy of this lunar transit. You can write your intentions on an index card or a small piece of paper and burn them (somewhere safe!). Another way to tap into this full moons’ vibes is by working with the water element. If you live somewhere warm, you could take a trip to the beach and let the salt water wash away the things you’d like to release. If it’s not so tropical wherever you are, try making your own spiritual bath.

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Full moons and new moons are a great time to get in touch and in tune with our spiritual energy, sometimes called our “higher selves. ”Working with colors, scents, and stones associated with the Cancer zodiac energy is one of the best ways to make the most of the spiritual tools you have available. Cancer colors include grey, white, silver, soft neutrals, and iridescent shades. Fresh and subtle smells are best to work with for this particular moon. A few stones that you can work with during the next couple of weeks are: carnelian, Ethiopian opal, green calcite, rainbow moonstone, and red jasper. You can either place these stones around you, wear or carry them, or meditate with them to get the full effects of their healing properties.

We did just have a Cancer full moon, and this moon falls in the opposite sign, Capricorn. The Capricorn super new moon was a couple of weeks ago (Jan. 2) and set the tone for the duration of this lunar cycle, which will end when the moon makes its transit into Aquarius. You can also use the next couple of weeks to pair your Cancer full moon rituals with some Capricorn new moon tools. A good way to mix in Capricorn energy is to add a couple of stone to your Cancer collection. A few Capricorn stones you could use are: aragonite, garnet, scolecite, smoky Quartz, and snowflake obsidian. You can also incorporate the earth element into your rituals by going outside, gardening, or taking a walk.

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The Cancer full moon energy will stay with us for about a month, or until we have the Leo full moon (Feb. 16). The strength of the effects will be more prominent during the full moon shadow periods, which are typically about three to four days before and after the full moon. We will be working gradually toward innerstanding, transformation in our personal relationships, and physical, emotional, and financial security. This lunar transit will primarily affect individuals with natal Cancer moon placements, specifically in 27 degrees or within the orb (six to seven degree). People with a lot of Cancer, cardinal, and water in their chart(s) can expect for this to be a transformative time, even if it not clearly evident at a conscious level. Additionally, anywhere you find these placements in your chart can give you a hint as to what this full moon might bring in for you based on the surrounding planets, houses, and aspects.

(*Note: The moon governs our emotions, and Cancer is the sign of emotions. Everybody will be emotionally charged, so remember to be considerate of others’ feelings. And by all means, if you have to retreat into your shell for a moment, now is the best time to do it.)



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