Full Moon in Leo (February 2022): I Can Show You Better Than I Can Tell You

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5 min readFeb 16, 2022
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We’ve all heard the expression “go hard or go home,” February’s full moon brings in a variation of this motivational prompt — “go hard or…don’t even leave the house in the first place.” Because, well, what’s the point if you’re not going to do it big? On the 16th, the moon will find itself at the midpoint of it’s cycle in fixed, fiery Leo. And, what does that mean? Anytime the moon is in opposition to the sun, we have a full moon. The entirety of the moon is illuminated and visible in the night sky during this lunar transit. Speaking to energy, the full moon in every lunar cycle marks a period of clarity, cultivation, release, and often, heightened intuition and emotions. This full moon will be in the sign of the lion, which is ruled by the sun and associated with the fifth house (5H) in astrology, which makes this a great time to focus on our passions, intimacy, public platforms and presentation.

The moon in Leo

Leo is a fixed sign (occurs in the middle of the summer season) in the fire element. Leo energy is charismatic, ambitious, passionate, dynamic, romantic, and warm. The full moon falling in this sign will bring in an energy that ignites a fire within us, making us feel like we need to put our efforts into our talents, relationships, and things we are passionate about. The Leo zodiac is considered the star of the show, as it is associated with the brightest star in our solar system (sun). So, expect to spend the next few weeks leading up to the Pisces lunar cycle putting in work that you actually enjoy, and also making your desires and dreams known. As this is a cultivation period, expect to see a return on the things you find yourself working on over the next few weeks, in the summertime around the Leo new moon. Since the full moon is also a time that aligns with release, we may also find ourselves walking away from situations that no longer excite us, gaining new perspective into our personal progression, and tying up loose ends. Remember that Leo is the the zodiac’s thespian and the moon doubles a window into our feelings — so some of these instances may be a little…emotionally combustible.

Leo belongs to the fire element, which encompasses all things dealing with the action, drive, and vitality. This full moon in Leo prompts us to set fire to all of the energetic debris and obstacles blocking the path to our intended success and contentment. We can also attribute this to an exact alignment (conjunction) between planets Venus and Mars (15 degrees of Capricorn) taking place a couple of hours prior to the full moon. The moon in Leo also makes a quincunx aspect to Pluto (Capricorn). Pluto’s influence is quite compelling as it governs the areas of transformation and regeneration in our lives. This Plutonian aspect can intensify our emotions and also bring pressing subconscious matters to the forefront. Many of us will find ourselves having deep, honest conversations with others about our feelings and our dreams.

Leo full moon rituals

Intentions are a great way to manifest the things you want to see in your life. It is important to remember that the full moon marks the beginning of the end of a lunar cycle therefore, intentions shouldn’t be focused on bringing in anything new. Instead, write intentions with phrases like “I release,” “I no longer,” and “I have clarity on/in” related to the Leo energy of this lunar transit. You can write your intentions on an index card or a small piece of paper and burn them (somewhere safe!). Another way to tap into this full moons’ vibes is by working with the sun. Open your blinds and meditate with the sunlight on your skin. Sun-gaze for a few seconds at dawn or dusk (make sure you know what you’re doing before you try this!). If you live somewhere warm, you could even go outside and bathe in the sun for a few minutes.

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Full moons and new moons are a great time to get in touch and in tune with our spiritual energy, sometimes called our “higher selves.” Working with colors, scents, and stones associated with the Leo zodiac energy is one of the best ways to make the most of the spiritual tools you have available. Leo colors include orange, yellow, red, and warm nuetral shades. Citrus and spicy scents are best to work with for this particular moon. A few stones that you can work with during the next couple of weeks are: Amber, Danburite, Onyx (black and white), Pyrite, Tangerine Aura Quartz, and Sunstone. You can either place these stones around you, wear or carry them, or meditate with them to get the full effects of their healing properties.

Don’t forget about Aquarius…and get ready for Pisces!

The Leo full moon lands fulls under the opposite sign, Aquarius. The Aquarius new moon was a couple of weeks ago (Feb. 1) and set the tone for the duration of this lunar cycle, which will end when the moon makes its transit into Pisces. While the Aquarius themes will be a lot less intense moving away from that lunar transit, some residual energy will linger for about two weeks, or until we have the new moon in Pisces. You can also use the last couple of weeks in February to pair your Leo full moon rituals with some Aquarius new moon tools. A good way to mix in Aquarius energy is to add a couple of Aquarius stones to your Leo collection. A few Aquarius stones you could use are: Angelite, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Indigo Aura Quartz, and Ruby Zoisite. You can also incorporate the air element — take a few moments to stand under the night sky and breathe in some fresh air just make sure you wear a jacket — …Leo is a summer sign but we are in the middle of winter.

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The Leo moon energy will stay with us for about a month, or until we have the Virgo full moon (Mar. 18). The strength of the effects will be more prominent during the full moon shadow periods, which are typically about three to four days before and after the moon. This lunar transit will primarily affect individuals with natal Leo moon placements, specifically in 28 degrees or within the orb (six to seven degrees). People with a lot of Leo, fixed, and fire in their chart(s) can expect for this to be a transformative time, even if it not clearly evident at a conscious level. Additionally, anywhere you find these placements in your chart can give you a hint as to what this full moon might bring in for you based on the surrounding planets, houses, and aspects.



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