Monthly Money Messages: June 2023 Financial Tarot Reading (All Signs)

Aujha Aye
4 min readJun 4, 2023
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This video will give you some insight into finances and career for June 2023. Make sure you’re subscribed to me on YouTube so you can catch them on time! I also do weekly readings & free live pulls on TikTok. These are Sun, Moon, and Rising placement general/collective tarot readings (but they may also resonate with your Venus sign). Scroll to find your sign’s timestamp. May these messages find you well! (Sidebar: My birthday is this month, say happy birthday!)


♊️ Gemini 1:31

  • Staying at a job or in a position longer than you intended — just a little more to gain there
  • A little polishing, or a little more effort before you’re ready to level up in your career/business
  • Let things play out, this isn’t the time to rush your career and business decisions

♋️ Cancer 9:09

  • Money problems and scarcity of opportunities finally phasing out (able to have a good birthday!)



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