Neptune Retrograde in Pisces: The Journey to Making Our Dreams Come True

Aujha Aye
6 min readJul 9, 2022
Photo: Kedar Gadge (Unsplash)

It’s retrograde season…again. This time around we’ve got Neptune making this somewhat chaotic transit. Neptune turns retrograde at 25 degrees of Pisces in June (27th) and will slowly make it’s way through the retrograde period, stationing direct at 22 degrees in the same sign on December 3rd. As Neptune is considered a transcendental planet (natal Uranus, Saturn, and Pluto), this means we’ll be feeling the effects of this retrograde on a more subconscious level over a longer period of time. The main areas that Neptune governs in our lives are spirituality, psychic gifts, dreams, and our aspirations. Neptune is also a generational planet, meaning most people in an age group or generation will share the same Neptune sign. This can mean that many people will experience similar themes, relating to different areas in their lives. For instance, a person with natal Neptune in the fifth house might see some changes in their hobbies and past-times. On the other hand, someone with natal Neptune placed in the fourth house could experience shifts in their home or relationships within the household. These are just a couple of general examples, you’ll have to look at your natal chart to get more specifics for your individual experience.

Neptune retrograde in Pisces

When we hear the word “retrograde” it can put a little fear in our hearts but — it’s important to remember not to give your power over to the retrograde. Astrology is a tool, and understanding these transits can be looked at as a way to navigate our paths with our own personal maps. So, even though the retrograde might shake a few things up, keep in mind — there’s a reason. When looking at the way a planet moves when in is in retrograde, you’ll notice it seems to stop, and then pass back over an area of space that it previously chartered. Therefore, retrograde energy can be attributed to the act of reflecting and correcting. Neptune retrograde in Pisces is all about reflecting and correcting in the areas mentioned earlier, and adding a little Piscean essence to our process.

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