New Moon in Gemini (May 2022): A Refreshing Reset

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Eclipse season is finally over and Mercury is getting ready to station direct. We’ve been dealing with some pretty intense energies for the past month or so, and the new moon in Gemini will bring us just what we need — some positivity, relief, and fun! May’s new moon comes at the end of the month and takes us into June. On May 30, the moon will find itself at the beginning of it’s cycle in mutable, airy Gemini. And, what does that mean? Anytime the moon is in conjunction to the sun, we have a new moon. The entirety of the moon seems to be hidden from view (although if your eyesight is good, you’ll be able to see the moon’s outline) in the night sky during this lunar transit. Speaking to energy, the new moon in every lunar cycle marks a period of anticipation, initiation, manifestation, and often, heightened intuition and emotions. This new moon will be in the sign of the twins. Gemini which is ruled by Mercury (along with Virgo) and associated with the third house (3H) in astrology, which makes this a great time to focus on our connections with others, the ways in which we communicate, and our perspective(s).

The moon in Gemini

Gemini is a mutable sign (occurs at the end of the spring season) in the air element. Gemini energy is imaginative, inquisitive, intellectual, social, and adaptable. The new moon occurring in this sign will bring in an energy that feels light and free. This is definitely a time where many of us will feel like the weight of the past month or so is being lifted off of our shoulders. Gemini is associated with Mercury, so the next month will be filled with shifts in perspective, change, and communication. Gemini is also a mutable sign, so this is also a time where we will be putting forward efforts to tie up lose ends and preparing for the next chapter. As this is a manifestation period, expect to see a return on the things you find yourself working on over the next few weeks, leading up to the end of the fall season — around the Gemini full moon.

Gemini belongs to the air element, which encompasses communication, thought and movement, more specifically speaking to travel. This Gemini new moon prompts us to tap into our intellect and come up with ways to make good on the intentions we’ve been hoping to manifest by taking the necessary steps toward success. The energy associated with this Gemini transit is generally positive and there may even be opportunities to to relocate or travel. Mercury will be stationing direct and the influence of the Gemini air energy can lead to a need to put yourself somewhere different. This could mean literal travel or relocation, this could also mean a change of scenery in a specific area in your life. This moon does not make any major aspects to planets or asteroids but there are a couple of cosmic connections worth paying attention to happening at this time.

There will be a “loose” square between Saturn and Mercury (the planets do not actually form this aspect but they will remain within two degrees of it for a couple of days). Mercury governs the areas mentioned earlier, while Saturn has more influence over foundational themes in our lives like finances, career, and relationships. This energy brings in a little bit of restriction and a tendency toward confusion. Just be mindful of miscommunication and try to think before you speak, and also take the time to really listen. There is also a return of karma that comes with these two planets. The retrograde pass off from Mercury to Saturn opens a window of space to correct any karmic mistakes or make good on anything that you have yet to receive a return on. Keep in mind that you could be on wither side of the karma, depending on how you’ve been moving through life. There is also a conjunction between Jupiter and Mars. This will kind of offset those tough energies of that loose square. Mars governs natural instinct and courage while Jupiter is the planet associated with expansion and gain. This aspect gives us the courage and confidence to make moves on achieving our goals. Take a look at where these transits lines up with your chart and the aspects they makes to your natal placements for an idea of what might be coming up.

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Gemini new moon rituals

Intentions are a great way to manifest the things you want to see in your life. It is important to remember that the new moon marks the beginning of the a lunar cycle therefore, intentions should be focused on bringing in something new. Write intentions with phrases like “I can,” “I do,” and “I am” related to the Taurus energy of this lunar transit. You can write your intentions in a new moon notebook, so that you can reference them later on in the year. Another way to tap into this new moons’ vibes is by working with the air element. This can be as easy as going outside and enjoying the breeze.

New moons and full moons are a great time to get in touch and in tune with our spiritual energy, sometimes called our “higher selves. ” Working with colors, scents, and stones associated with the Gemini zodiac energy is one of the best ways to make the most of the spiritual tools you have available. Gemini colors include different shades of yellow and lighter greens. A clean scent like linen would be good to work with if you like to incorporate smells. A few stones that you can work with during the next couple of weeks are Howlite, Lemon Quartz, and Yellow Jasper. You can either place these stones around you, wear or carry them, or meditate with them to get the full effects of their healing properties.

Photo: Vlad Kutepov (Unsplash)

Don’t forget about Scorpio…and get ready for Sagittarius!

We are starting a new lunar cycle however we did have a Scorpio full moon and lunar eclipse a couple of weeks ago (May 16). While the Scorpio themes will be a lot less intense moving away from that lunar transit, some residual energy will linger for a few weeks, or until we have the full moon in Sagittarius. You can also use the first couple of weeks in June to pair your Gemini new moon rituals with some Scorpio full moon tools. A good way to mix in Scorpio energy is to add a couple of stones to your Gemini collection. A few Scorpio stones you could use are Obsidian, Ethiopian Opal, and Prasiolite. You can also work with the water element. You can go and dip your toes in some ocean water, or even take a spiritual bath.

The Gemini new moon energy will stay with us for about a month, or until we have the Cancer new moon (Jun 28). The strength of the effects will be more prominent during the new moon shadow periods, which are typically about three to four days before and after the new moon. It’s best to do your new moon rituals on during the transit however, if you’re unable to during that time, the shadow period is always a good second option (speaking to spirituality — it’s all about intention, do what works best for you…don’t worry about anybody telling you that you can’t do your rituals because the moon left a certain sign). This lunar transit will primarily affect individuals with natal Gemini moon placements, specifically in nine degrees or within the orb (six to seven degrees). People with a lot of Gemini placements, mutable energy, and air in their chart(s) can expect for this to be a transformative time, even if it’s not clearly evident on a conscious level. Additionally, anywhere you find these placements in your chart can give you a hint as to what this new moon might bring in for you based on the surrounding planets, houses, and aspects.

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