Pick A Card Tarot: November Lunar Eclipse 2022 Intuitive Message

Aujha Aye
4 min readNov 14, 2022

This will be a quick, intuitive two-card tarot and oracle reading to give you some insight for the Taurus eclipse. I used the Amor et Psyche oracle and The Muse tarot decks for these quick pulls. These are general readings, so all of the messages that come with your cards may not resonate. If it doesn’t, that’s okay. Take what does, leave what doesn’t. You can also pick more than one pile.

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If you’re called to the first and third piles, then read both messages. It’s more than likely that there will be something in both readings for you. Also, remember to never let a reading dictate your life. These messages are purely meant to provide insight and encourage you to make your own informed decisions.

There are three piles to choose from. Use your intuition to pick the pile for your reading. You can pick by number, crystal, or however you see fit. Let’s get to it! Pick a pile from the image below for your tarot message:

Pile One: Rhodonite

Pile Two: Peach Selenite

Pile Three: Unakite

Pile One (Rhodonite)

The cards for this pile are (30) Eros and Thanatos and the 2 of Inspiration. It’s time for change! Forward motion in relation to your life cycles is at the forefront for this eclipse. It’s time to make some decisions for yourself. You need to choose between moving forward on the path you’ve paved out for yourself, and staying where you’re at even though you are no…



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