Scary Season: Rare, Taurus Full Blue Moon Falls on Halloween

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2020 has been more than a bit of a doozy. As we get closer to the time of the year where we usually get to take a breather, astrological events are working together in preparation for a cosmic upset. It is no secret that things might get a little crazy and emotions may run high whenever there is a full moon. This time around however, the energy is very rare, making this one for the books. Halloween gives us the second full moon in the calendar month. This second moon is considered a blue moon, which doesn’t happen often. Ever hear the saying “once in a blue moon?” This is what the old folks were talking about.

Old folks say a lot of weird things. And, astrology is confusing, right? The stars, constellations, planets, asteroids, and lions, and tigers, and bears…oh, my — it is a lot to keep up with. The good thing about full moons is that no matter what sign they fall under or when, they’ll always present the same base energy. Whenever there is a full moon in the sky, it means the sun is opposite the moon on the astrological playing field. When we look up we’ll see the moon illuminated in all her cheese-wheel glory. On an energetic level, the moon in the sky symbolizes a time where things become clear. The full moon also occurs at the halfway point of the month long lunar cycle, it symbolizes the beginning of the end. Energetic cleansing, release, clarity, and ending cycles are always present whenever the moon is full. These things tend to become more evident on the day of, and the days leading up to and following the event. It’s important to harness the energy of the full moon for good and to not allow ourselves to be consumed by it.

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Although it isn’t an actual planet, in astrology the moon carries the same weight among the other planets in the solar system, if not more. The moon is considered a personal planet, meaning it has a very strong influence in our everyday lives. The moon is a water planet, governing aspects of our lives that tie into the water element such as: emotions, love, spirituality, and intuition. The moons’ gravitational pull has an effect on the tides, this could be compared to how the moon affects us in our feelings. Water energy can be emotionally turbulent at times, this is why we see so many mood swings and outbursts around the full moon. It is easy to allow the overflow of emotions to catch us off guard but, it’s beneficial to work through those emotions and release the things that weigh heavy on our hearts, minds, and spirits.

This month the second full moon lands in the sign of the bull, Taurus. Taurus is an earth sign with many admirable qualities. Diligence, loyalty, beauty, passion, and comfort are just a few of the many positive attributes that Taurus energy harbors. These energies will couple with the full moon and provide us with the tools needed to take the necessary actions in order to make the changes we are being called to make at the present time. This moon falls right in the middle of the season of change, so there is no doubt that this one will come with some major shifts.

During Hell Year 2020 many of our dreams and plans have been paused or thwarted altogether. Living thorough a pandemic has made it extremely difficult for people to continue doing the things that usually bring them joy or a little peace. Instead, we have all had to focus on finding ways to sustain during these strange times, leaving no room to keep ourselves in a positive way. This full moon will shine a light on the things we really enjoy that have been moved to the back burner. This illumination will come with the clarity on how to reincorporate the things we are passionate about back into our routines. As mentioned earlier, we are in the season of change, which means this moon will also help us figure out what we truly care about in our lives and how to make these things more prominent.

Taurus is also known as the most comfortable sign in the zodiac. It is no secret that Taurus’ love a big, comfy couch. As the full moon symbolizes a time to start looking at the things that need to be wrapped up in our lives, this will also bring in the energy to nudge us out of our comfort zones. Earth signs are known for being stubborn, especially when they are comfortable in the foundations they’ve built for themselves. The comfort and emotional investments to these foundations may make it hard to take the actions needed to bring ourselves into alignment with the energies that we are progressing towards. Keep in mind that the full moon is a time for release, so as you make changes and move away from familiarity, you will also be freeing up space for new opportunities; along with removing an energetic chip from your shoulder. The earth energy makes things feel a little more dense, and it also makes the work seem a little harder but, it will all be worth it.

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Another major energetic factor with the full moon is numerology. The degree that the moon falls in and the numerical energy of the day it falls on contribute a great deal to the effect the moon will have on us. The Taurus blue moon will occur in eight degrees. Eight is the number associated with the concept of infinity, cycles, karma, and exponential growth. This rare moon falling in the eighth degree amplifies the effects. The passion projects we are being reminded of, and the ways we are being pulled out of our comfort spaces are all Divine. Pay attention to what pops up in your personal lives over the next two-week period, as it will give you a glimpse into the opportunities that will be playing out for you over the next sixth months, most likely coming into complete fruition around Taurus season of 2021. The full moon lands on what is considered a nine day (To find the day’s energy add the universal year, which is 22 to the sum of the day. Halloween is the 31st, so 3+1+=4. Then add the month. 10 would break down to 1. 22+4+1=27. Break down the numbers until you have either a single digit or a master number. In this case, 27 breaks down into 9). Nine is the number of ascension, ending cycles, and spirituality. This full moon brings in a strong sense of release which will encourage us to start making moves towards the things that we love.

The moon is not the only planet partying in the cosmos. This moon will be conjunct with Uranus in Taurus. Conjunctions in astrology occur when two planets fall in the same sign in the same degree (with an orb of eight to ten degrees depending on the astrologer). Uranus is the planet of excitement, change, and surprises so this energy will be slightly disruptive. As change comes in we may not like it, causing us to rebel in the situations where this energy is present. It is also very possible that once we start working with this full moon we will be putting ourselves in positions to take on some new opportunities. Whatever the case may be, expect some sort of strange or surprise news during this lunar cycle. If you want to get really deep, you can look up the current transits to see where the full moon will occur in your personal chart. This can give an indication into what kind of change, rebellion, or news you can expect to receive by way of the astrological house the transit will occur in. Mercury retrograde will also be ending a few days after the full moon. We will be in the post-shadow period of this retrograde for a couple of weeks so, these may troubling times (especially with the US election happening and COVID cases surging).

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Even though it’s Halloween, fear not! Everything that transpires in your personal life and on a global scale during the next couple of weeks needs to happen in order to prepare us for the next chapter. Be mindful of aggression and emotions bubbling over, the full moon will come ready to serve them up on a silver platter. Take this time to release and begin to ease yourself out of your comfort zone in preparation for all of the things to come.

For some insight on this Taurus blue moon and the current astrological energies, head over to SunshinehazeCo on YouTube.



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