The Final Mercury Retrograde of Hell Year 2020 is Almost Over

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2020 has been a year for the books and it does not seem like it will be letting up anytime soon. There have been planetary retrogrades since February of this year, three of them being occupied by the cult favorite [planet], Mercury. Anytime a planet goes into retrograde it presents an optical illusion, the planet appears to spin in a backwards motion. Instead of actually reversing, the planet turns and moves in the opposite direction over points it has already passed over. This is considered the retrograde period. When a planet is in retrograde it denotes a time to slow down, reflect, and correct situations related to the aspects of life the planet governs. Mercury is considered a personal planet (like Venus and Mars), meaning the retrograde will affect us on a more personal and physical level in comparison to the other planets (such as social planets Saturn and Jupiter), which affect our energy on a more subconscious, collective, and generational level.

Mercury governs our communication, intellectual dealings, short-term travel, family, and friends. The situations that arise from this planetary retrograde will be closely related to the areas that Mercury governs. This planet goes into retrograde three to four times every year, usually remaining in one element for the duration of the calendar year. This year the element is water. The first Mercury retrograde for the year fell in the sign of Pisces back in March. The second retrograde was in the sign of Cancer during June and July. This time around the retrograde started in the sign of Scorpio, and it will end in Libra, giving us a glimpse into what is to come for 2021.

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We moved into the pre-shadow period of the retrograde on September 23rd. It was during this time that you might have noticed some things that typically make people fear retrogrades starting to happen such as miscommunications, broken electronics, and delayed travel. The retrograde actually began on October 13th. The planet will be in retrograde until November 3rd, when it will station direct. As it passes over the retrograde degrees again, we will be in what is called the post-shadow period. During this time we will most likely experience similar happenings to the pre-shadow. Election Day this year is the same day that Mercury stations direct; so expect the weeks to follow to be a bit of a doozy.

During the retrograde period we will need to take some time to revisit aspects of our lives closely related to the Scorpio and Libra energies. The most important aspect of this retrograde comes by way of the water sign, Scorpio. The scorpion is the fixed sign of the fall season, meaning it carries the energy that encourages us to work towards washing away emotional baggage. These actions will help bring us into alignment with the Libra energy of balance. We should all look at how we are exerting our energy and also reevaluate the energy that we may not be putting into ourselves. By the end of the retrograde we should feel much lighter with a refreshed outlook on our routines for self-care and also on how we interact with others.

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In order to make it through the last retrograde of hell year 2020, it is important to be prepared and remain grounded. Buy screen protectors and cases for electronics. It would be smart to back up work to multiple sources, especially any written works. It is also important to use the retrograde period as a time to reflect and correct as opposed to becoming consumed by it. Mercury retrograde is not meant to mess up our lives and wreak havoc but instead, teach us how to grow in order to progress physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.



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