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4 min readAug 1, 2022
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Astrological transits mark times of energetic shifts in our everyday lives. Below you will find some notes on the energies of the major astrological transits for the month of August 2022. In order to gain more insight into how these transits might affect you on a personal level, consider looking up your chart and transits online or booking a natal chart consultation.

August 2022 Astrological Transits

· 8/4 Mercury enters Virgo

· 8/11 Venus enters Leo

· 8/11 Aquarius full moon

· 8/20 Mars enters Gemini

· 8/21 Vesta retrograde enters Aquarius

· 8/22 Sun enters Virgo

· 8/24 Uranus turns retrograde in Taurus

· 8/25 Mercury enters Libra

· 8/27 Virgo new moon

What to expect from these astrological transits

Each planet, star, asteroid, zodiac sign, [etc.] is associated with specific energetic qualities. The transit, planet, and sign in which a transit occurs can give general insight into what type of energy to expect. If you’d like to know how these astrological transits will manifest in your individual life, take a look at the houses, occupying planets, and zodiacs making aspects to the current transit.

Mercury enters Virgo

Mercury is a personal planet with governance over communication and perspective. Mercury will be at home in Virgo, the sign of the maiden. The earth influence will bring in the ability to use logic to analyze the things that are important to us in our lives. This energy will also help us solidify any changes being made during this transit. Mercury moving into Virgo symbolizes the general energies surrounding logic, analysis, health, and order.

Venus enters Leo

Venus is also a personal planet. Venus governs areas love, money, and physical aesthetic. Leo is the sign of the lion in the zodiac, and is associated with the energies of fun, showmanship, confidence, and action. The fire element influence will give us the ability to reignite the sparks of…

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