This Months’ Astrology: May 2022 Transits

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Astrological transits mark times of energetic shifts in our everyday lives. Below you will find some notes on the energies of the major astrological transits for the month of May 2022. In order to gain more insight into how these transits might affect you on a personal level, consider looking up your chart and transits online or booking a natal chart consultation.

May 2022 Astrological Transits

· 5/2 Venus enter Aries

· 5/10 Mercury turns retrograde in Gemini

· 5/10 Jupiter enters Aries

· 5/15 Ceres enters Cancer

· 5/16 Scorpio full moon and lunar eclipse

· 5/20 Sun enters Gemini

· 5/22 Mercury retrograde enters Taurus

· 5/24 Vesta enters Pisces

· 5/24 Mars enters Aries

· 5/28 Venus enters Taurus

· 5/30 Gemini new moon

What to expect from these astrological transits

Each planet, star, asteroid, zodiac sign, [etc.] is associated with specific energetic qualities. The transit, planet, and sign in which a transit occurs can give general insight into what type of energy to expect. If you’d like to know how these astrological transits will manifest in your individual life, take a look at the houses, occupying planets, and zodiacs making aspects to the current transit.

Vesta enters Aries

Vesta is an asteroid that serves as an important placement in our natal charts. In astrology, Vesta is generally associated with our internal drive, often referred to as the “sacred flame.” Aries zodiac energy is typically fiery, motivated, and independent. Vesta moving into Aries symbolizes a general time of focusing on our personal goals, taking action steps toward success, and a renewed sense of excitement in these areas.

Mercury turns retrograde in Gemini

This Mercurial transit marks the beginning of the second of four Mercury retrograde periods this year. As the planet turns retrograde we can expect to see the typical retrograde-y things like miscommunication, technology problems, cancelled travel plans, etc. Mercury is at home in the sign of Gemini for this retrograde, so while the energy might seem chaotic, you can still make this a harmonious and positive time! The retrograde starting in Gemini in gives an extra push toward reflecting and making changes in our perspective, communication style, and connections.

Jupiter enters Aries

Jupiter is a transpersonal planet with governance over expansion, positivity, and good fortune. Aries is a fie sign with cardinal, motivated, and independent energy. The fire influence will bring in the ability to pair action with our thoughts and intentions. Jupiter moving into Aries symbolizes a general energy of motivation, involvement, and progression.

Ceres enters Cancer

Ceres is another asteroid that serves as an important placement in our natal charts. In astrology Ceres is generally associated with nourishment, feminine energy, and familial relationships (more specifically speaking to maternal relationships and influence). Cancer zodiac energy is typically lucid, nurturing, and intuitive. Ceres moving into Cancer symbolizes a general energy of tapping into our own Divine Feminine, paying more attention to our intuition, and allowing ourselves to float on life’s currents to wherever we need to be.

Full moon and lunar eclipse in Scorpio

This lunar transit marks the midpoint of the Taurus lunar cycle (Apr. 30-May. 30). Full moons typically harness the energies of release, clarity, and cultivation therefore, the Scorpio full moon will bring enlightenment in these areas in relation to transformation, our heart’s desires (goals, dreams, what kind of life do we want to live?), sex, and the facets of ourselves that we choose to share — or, in the case of Scorpio, hide. This is also a total lunar eclipse. Eclipses mark times of great transformation in our lives, this will be heightened by the Scorpio zodiac energy. While the full moon will illuminate what needs to be released, the energy of the eclipse will help to move it along.

Sun enters Gemini

This solar transit marks the beginning of the 2022 Gemini sun cycle (May 20-Jun. 21). The air element influence will cause for this to be a short season of connection, communication, perspective, and fun. Gemini is the mutable spring sign, meaning it wraps up the spring season. This will also be a time where we will feel encouraged to prepare to hit the ground running full-speed on all of our intentions and budding manifestations in the summertime.

Mercury retrograde enters Taurus

Mercury retrograde will be passing from Gemini into Taurus closer toward the end of the month. Mercury is a personal planet with governance over communication and perspective. Taurus zodiac energy is typically steady, organized, and compassionate. The earth influence will most likely cause us to slow down for a moment before the planet stations direct. Mercury moving into Taurus symbolizes a general energy of diligence, strength, and routine.

Vesta enters Pisces

As mentioned earlier, Vesta the “sacred flame” asteroid. Pisces zodiac energy is typically free, creative, and passionate. Vesta moving into Pisces symbolizes a general time of focusing on the things that are tugging at our heart strings like passion projects, important relationships, and our spirituality.

Mars enters Aries

Mars is a personal planet that affects us on a more conscious level in our day-to-day lives. Mars governs areas concerning will-power, instinct, and sex. As mentioned previously, Aries is the sign with a starter’s energy. Mars is also at home in the sign in this sign. A lot of us will be feeling super-charged while Mars is in one of it’s happy places. The fire element influence will give us the ability to not only initiate,but also move forward on the things we’d like to manifest in our lives. Mars moving into Aries symbolizes a general energy of excitement, encouragement, and a little aggression (this is sometimes needed just, in moderation, y’all know how it goes).

Venus enters Taurus

Venus is also a personal planet. Venus governs areas love, money, and physical aesthetic. Taurus is the bull in the zodiac, and is associated with the energies of perseverance, luxury, and comfort. Venus is also at home in Taurus, just like Mars in Aries. So even though we have a couple of retrogrades going on, the energy is still harmonious and perfect for making things happen! The earth element influence will give us the ability to lay our foundation on a successful path to the finer things in life (and that doesn’t just mean money, that’s whatever the finer things are to you). Venus moving into Taurus symbolizes a general energy of feeling good, looking good, and doing good.

New moon in Gemini

This lunar transit marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle. Gemini is a fun and communicative air sign. The air element influence will cause for this to be a time that feels light and easy. The new moon marks a time of manifestation, intention, excitement, mystery, and anticipation. Manifestation and new beginnings related to the themes of intellect, perspective, happiness, communication, and creativity will be prominent throughout this lunar cycle (May 30- Jun. 28).

The duration of time that we feel the energy of these transits is dependent upon each planet or asteroids’ speed through the solar system. Some transits are felt more intensely than others depending on the aspects they make to other celestial bodies and also, your personal chart.

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Aujha Aye

Aujha Aye

Creative, (always) hungry, and selective introvert living her best life. Join Medium:

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